Maendeleo inaugurates another 4-classroom building

This 1200+ school can use very well this new building.  The existing 10 classrooms are far from enough for this number of pupils. Good to know is that another building of 5 classrooms is on its way to completion.  This is a joint project of the government and Cocoa for Schools.

My wife Louisa did represent me on this handover.  This building was also sponsored by our friend Ichiro Kono and his company Stork Global (Japan).  Thanks a lot, Ichi!

To show their appreciation, Louisa got a nice dress ad they give her also a shirt for me.  We were surprised that they have such a good eye:  everything fitted perfectly!

The welcome was very warm.  The kids had made some songs for the occasion and we gave them some balls for their favorite sports: football and netball.

Fons Maex