Ikomelo (RU) inaugurates their first building

It took them more than 2 years to complete this building with 2 classrooms and a staff room.  We made them understand that such long delays are not only acceptable to us, but also damages seriously the chances for a good education for their children.  They have to understand that educated children will have a chance for better jobs, which will allow them to help their parents in thier older days, something they cannot do today.

We agreed that they would take on a second 2-classroom building, which is in a really bad shape. Works will start next week and will be completed end of June.  If they do that, we will build their last missing 3 classrooms in the second part of the year. 

It was that they felt they had to make up for their delay as I received the biggest amounts of gifts ever: several bags of cocoa pods, banana's, a chicken and a goat. Asanteni sana!

Fons Maex