A new 4-classroom building for Kati

With over 1300 pulils and only 10 classrooms available, this new building was more than welcome.  The building was sponsored by Ishiro Kono from Stork Global (Japan). Ichi sponsored already some other buildings in the past and Kati is one of the 3 buildings we are handing over this week to different communities.

This construction is build with our new type of bricks: a mixture of sand, clay and cement, compacted in one of our brick-making machines and left for curing during one month.  No more cutting of trees necessary for firing up brickovens!  And very beautifull and strong bricks as a result, allowing us to build faster as well.

As usual, it was a great gathering with speeches, dances and singing.  Quite nice to see how a group of pupils were performing traditional dances. It's good to know that this is passed on to the next generation.

Fons Maex