A fantastic 4-classroom building for Mwenge

This building is the first one, we completed with our new bricks.  In order to fight deforestation, we do want to minimize the use of their traditional bricks, which are produced in brickovens, for which a lot of trees have to be cut.  We mix local sand and cement in a certain proportion, make the mixture a bit wet and compact it then in a machine.  The result are bricks of exactly the same dimensions, which we let cure for some 30 days.  Then they are ready to use.  If you want to learn more about this technique, have a look at our movie, which you can find in this site.

This building was sponsored by Ichiro Kono and his company Stork Global (Japan).  Thank you so much, Ichi!

Mwenge is one of the bigger schools in the Kyela district with 1500+ pupils.  Including these 4 classrooms, they have now 15, what means that on average, we still have over 100 kids per classroom.  So we need to do more in this community!

It was a great party.  Ichi received a bag of rice and they gave me a beautiful rooster.  They promised us to renovate the existing buildings as fast as they can. Once that done, we can focus on building extra buildings.

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