Mwaya secondary school opens dormitory for boys

Mwaya secondary school has close to 800 pupils.  For the time being they have enough classrooms but they all need some clean-up. They recently got 100 million TZS from the government to build 2 buildings with extra classrooms. They look beautiful.

Today we are celebrating the transformation of a 3-classroom builing into a dormitory for boys.  On itself, as quite some pupils have to walk/drive every day more than 10 km up and down, that makes sense.  But what for you, readers, does not make sense probably is why this is for boys and not for girls, who are much more vulnerable.  Why is that?

The reason is very simple: if we want to organize dormitories for girls, a lot more comes to it.  First of all, buildings need to be equipped with showers, laundry rooms, etc. as girls have extra demands compared to boys because almost all of them are in menstruation age.  But even more important, there is no supervision and security possible here.  If we want to organize a girls boarding school, we need to think about a house for a female teacher, being there all the time.  We need to foresee a strong fence as otherwise a girls dormitory is for the local men as a hen house to a fox. So therefore our decision to offer for the time being dormitories for buys only.  This building will host 60 boys.

Fons Maex