Ibwanze - a bit out of our way

Ibwanze is a small village, far away from the area, where we normally deploy our activities.  They do not grow cocoa.  Nevertheless we decided to help this community to freshen up their school.  The reason is very simple: Zacharias Kahimba.  Kahimba was born in this village.  He is the boss of the guides in a camp in Ruaha National Park and it was thanks to him, that I found Michael, our engineer who works now already since August 2015 relentlessly to move our construction program forward.  Kahimba visited already several times our project and could convince us to do also something for his village.  In return, he takes now good care of our international visitors, who decide not only to come and see the results of their donations, but like also to enjoy some more of the beauty of this country. You cannot have a better guide for Ruaha National Park as him.

As always, it was a great day with a lot of singing and dancing.  Both Ichiro (our Japanese guest who sponsored several buildings) and our engineer Michael got a traditional blanket.  The village also had decided to make me "mwaka" (chief). So they dressed me up as a chief and they gave me a spear to protect the village.  After all the speeches, there was another surprise:  President Magafuli paid us a visit!  At least, it was a very good imitator of the President.  He did a very good job and the public was having great fun. We too!

Fons Maex