Finally a first building in Kyela primary school

With 1200+ pupils, this school was in dire need of some extra classrooms.  However, this building came with quite some delay.  Our first plan was to renovate an existing old building and turn that into 2 classrooms.  However, this school is boarding the main road in Kyela town, the capital of the district.  This road was renewed and the law requires a certain distance between new roads and the buildings alongside that road.  So this building had to be taken down and all the money spend so far was lost. And as typical, no compensation was given by the authorities.  So we had to start from scratch and we decided to build a 4-classroom building as this is cost-efficient. 

Being surrounded by some 1200 kids, that's quite noisy, I can tell you.  They had a nice program with singing, dancing and the inevitable speeches.  We gave them also a football and a netball for their school teams. We also asked to speed up with the renovation of the other existing buildings, so that, after this being done, we can construct another 4 or 5-classroom building, as for today we do have more teachers than classrooms, making some of them idle during the working hours.

Fons Maex