2 buildings renovated at Muungano

With the renovation of their 2 last buildings, this school community has now all the classrooms it needs. They have now 10 classrooms, a headmaster office and 2 staffrooms for some 450 children. It's quite a difference, compared to a few years ago.  This village can be proud of their achievements.

It took a while before they started up and completed their first building.  But once that one was done, they understood very well what Cocoa for Schools could do for them if they were willing to do their part of the job.  And they did, and this in a very fast pace.  This campus with its 5 buildings can be an example for many more villages.  As a reward, we promised them to construct a small bridge between the road and the school terrain, so that the school will be very accessible in the rainy season without to have the children wade through a meter of water in the didge.

As I was busy in an other place, my wife Louisa and some Belgian guests took over in the handover ceremony.  Everywhere happy faces!

Fons Maex