Mpunguti surprises: 3 buildings renovated in one go!!!

Sometimes villages can really surprise you.  It took two years to make them complete a first, much needed building. And look now, just one year later, they completed the renovation of their 3 other buildings in one go.  I believe this has a lot to do with the leadership in the village.  When leaders can motivate their citizens, they really can move things.

The school looks magnificent and I see everywhere proud pupils, teachers and parents.  With 11 classrooms for 529 pupils, that's not too bad, especially if you know they have only 9 teachers for the time being. If they will get more teachers in the future, we are ready to support them with extra classrooms.

The ceremony was a pleasant happening with all the traditional ingredients like singing, dancing, speeches and gift exchanges.  And at the end the ribbon cutting off course!

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