#COVID-19 - Biolands with its partner Kim's Chocolates confirms its commitment in the fight against the spread of Coronavirus

The fight against the spread of the Coronavirus continues around the world. Everyone has to contribute to many efforts in protecting our employees, collaborators and their families in the various communities we operate.

It is with this in mind that for several weeks now, our sites in the region have beencarrying out actions to support their various governments in this common tragedy, through the distribution of food but also of sanitary kits composed of masks, soaps, hydro-alcoholic gels, and awareness posters to the employees and producing communities of BC Africa..

Indeed, after BC Ghana, SACO in Côte d'Ivoire, and BC Nigeria, Biolands International Limited Tanzania in partnership with KIMS’ Chocolates recently donated hand-washing stations to the government in 3 cocoa communities. Namely: 45 hand-washing stations in KYELA, 20 hand-washing stations in Rungwe, and 10 hand-washing stations in Busokelo.

Each hand-washing station is composed of a first bucket on which a pipe and a tap are fixed to discharge clean water, and a second bucket collecting the wash water after rinsing.

Moreover, Biolands International Limited and Kims’ Chocolates also handed over 5 hand-washing stations to the main cooperative union in charge of the cocoa auction in 3 designated districts so that farmers could wash their hands when attending the auction. In addition, Biolands staff did not miss out on these grants to fight the spread of COVID-19, as the management provided each staff member with 1 hand-washing station, hand sanitizer and 15 masks to help them and their families.

With these 94 hand-washing stations offered to the government, producers and staff, Biolands Tanzania in partnership with Kim’s Chocolates confirm their social commitment to the producing communities and their daily involvement alongside the government in the foght against the spread of COVID-19. This requires teamwork and not the only responsibility of the government.