2 buildings renovated at Ikombe

Going to Ikombe is always a a fantastic trip.  Ikombe is a very remote fishermen's village and can be reached best by boat over Lake Nyase. Combine sun and a fresh breeze on blue water, and you understand what I mean.

We are here to handover 2 renovated buildings.  The money for this has been brought together by my daughter Kim, her husband Bob and my 2 grandchildren Bette and Robbe.  They organised a fundraising activity, selling organic chocolate tablets, made from the cocoa beans from this area.

We received a fantastic welcome.  Hundreds of kids and some parents were waiting for us at the beach, singing a thank-you song.  That was quite impressive. In the village center, more parents were waiting for us and everybody joined in for some dancing.  I can tell you, they know how to party!

The renovated buildings look beautiful.  We agreed to complete a teacher's office and then we would move on for a new 4-classroom building, giving this community finally all they need to provide a good education for their children.

Fons Maex